Frequently Asked Questions....

What is Glassnetic?

Glassnetic is a RFI/RFP platform and internal vendor knowledge base that Fortune 500 cpmanies use. We have professional services that help with research and discovery and are now expanding to build those services into our product in a more autonmous way.

Is Glassnetic really free for vendors?


What do you mean by "vendor?"

We did a survey of marketing professionals around the country and found that "vendor" is the most universally recognizable term versus alternatives like "solution provider" or "partner."

What are the benefits of submitting our information?

Glassnetic was built with the Fortune 500 in mind. Marketers at large companies are constantly looking for new vendors and researching new spaces. Submitting your information includes you in our knowledge base and enables you to be found by marketers all over the world, helping you communicate with them in a more efficient way. As they are beginning their search process or even moving into the purchasing process, marketers use Glassnetic to find the best vendor for them. Submitting ensures you'll be there when they look.

Who has access to my profile?

Your profile will be viewable by the general public, but Glassnetic is focused on marketers at large companies.

How do I submit for multiple products?

Please submit the form included on the vendor page for each individual product.

How do I make my profile stronger?

Our best advice is to use keywords that you think marketers will use when searching for your category. Remember to speak plainly, avoid using jargon whenever possible and focus on how people practically use your product. Use cases are always best.

I work for a small startup! Are we still able to submit our profile?

Absolutely! Glassnetic's system exists to help marketers find the most relevant solutions, regardless of size or age of the company.

What if our product changes in the future and I want to update our profile?

After submitting your profile you will receive a link to an editable version within a few weeks.

I'm having trouble submitting! How can I get help?

Concact us at or 206.395.8113.

Need more information?

Contact us at or 206.395.8113.