Our Mission

At Glassnetic, we believe there is a formidable amount of friction in the earliest stages of discovery and initial awareness between marketers and the digital marketing vendors that are trying to sell to them. The cost of this friction today is that, given the amount of time that decision makers and influencers are able to reasonably devote to this discovery, marketers are not able to be as aware of and knowledgeable about the potential vendor categories and companies that are relevant to them.  On the other side of the coin, vendors spend an overwhelming amount of their time and resources on prospecting.  So much so that vendor competition is often fought, won and lost more on the prospecting battlefield than on anything else.

Glassnetic was founded in 2013 out of an obsession with solving this problem in a way that is mutually beneficial to both marketers and vendors.  We spent our first 6 months in stealth mode to prove out that our new model worked and haven’t looked back since.  Our headquarters are next to Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA.


Matthew Karasick is the Co-founder and CEO of Glassnetic. Since the dawn of Digital, Matt has created products and services that improve the marketing experience. As the Vice President of Product and Strategy for Acerno/Akamai Technologies, he was instrumental in innovating data-driven ad targeting solutions. Prior to Acerno, Matthew held leadership positions at Trilogy and at Doubleclick, where he brought new data-driven marketing products to market. He lives in Seattle with his wife, son and their ridiculously awesome cat, Brutus.

Rick Bohrer is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Glassnetic. For over 25 years, Rick has been building technology. In 1999, Rick joined aQuantive as one of the earliest software leads of the company.  Rick was instrumental in continuing to grow the company, its technology and its technology team, eventually serving as its Chief Technology Officer until the company was sold to Microsoft in 2008.  He lives in Seattle and spends his spare time working on cars, playing jazz guitar and chasing his two dogs on hikes.

Seth Krauss is Vice President of Data Science at Glassnetic.  Seth's 20 years of experience as a technologist began as a software developer for Trilogy in the mid-1990s when he developed constraint-based, object-oriented software to solve complex configuration and pricing problems.  Seth’s career continued along a technical path while at Trilogy for 12 years moving from server development functions to platform solution architect to the position of Industry Technical Delivery Owner.  In this latter position, Seth led an organization of 100 technical consultants, designing and directing the technologies and processes used to deploy Trilogy’s software at its largest clients and grow the organization individual-by-individual and successful client-by-client.

For the past 8 years, Seth has been involved with technology and product strategy in industries spanning automotive, real estate, healthcare, food and beverage, and enterprise software.  In each of these cases, Seth has been responsible for technology and infrastructure direction and decision-making, managing development and delivery teams, and aligning overall engineering plans with product strategy and go-to-market timelines.

Peninah Kelman is Vice President of Design and User Experience at Glassnetic.  Peninah has been crafting engaging and valuable experiences for users since “User Experience” was known as “Human Computer Interaction”.  Over the past 18 years, Peninah has been simplifying the complex, creatively achieving her clients' business goals while empowering their end-users.  With a focus on web-based product and application design, she fuses a user-centered approach with strategic thinking. She has designed useful and usable interfaces for clients ranging from new web start ups to Fortune 500 enterprises, such as Ford Motor Company,  IBM, HP, Goodyear Tire, British Airways  and Health Management Associates.


Careers at Glassnetic

We’re hiring like crazy over here at Glassnetic!  We’re looking for digital marketing domain experts, technologists and marketing gurus.

We’d love to hear from you.  Drop us a line at work@glassnetic.com