Why we started Glassnetic...

When I started my career in 1999, Digital was just getting started.  As the Internet began to create commercial opportunities, the “enterprise vendor” emerged to help corporations sell, market and operate in new ways.  During this period of nascency, only a few dozen of us enterprise vendors existed.  Therefore, if someone in the Marketing or IT department at a big brand had an idea or a question on if and how they could accomplish something, there would only be a handful of us vendors to reach out to to have a B2B conversation about the possibility of accomplishing their vision.  Since those times 15+ years ago, the pace of innovation became turbo charged beyond what any of us could likely imagine.  It’s awesome.  But it has come at a cost.

We’ve all seen the the giant pictures of “logo soup” where really smart people put in incredible efforts to help brands make sense of the enterprise vendor ecosystem which includes thousands of vendors across hundreds of categories.  Yet, despite the drastic shift in how fragmented and dynamic the vendor ecosystem is, the channels that brands and vendors use to initially communicate have not kept up.  The result is noise and friction.  The noise is the 100s of cold call emails & phone calls that the potential buyer receives daily as vendors compete with each other on the prospecting battlefield above all else.  The friction is what prevents potentially meaningful and interesting B2B conversations from ever taking place.  We started Glassnetic to create a new channel that can work in the world of the today’s fragmented reality.  One that allows large brands to easily understand which vendor categories and companies exist with drastically less time and effort while giving these vendors a way to easily and efficiently create awareness with the audience that is most relevant to their solutions. We are aiming to dramatically increase the quality and velocity of B2B conversations.

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