Achieve adoption & utilization of platforms, process & resources

Glassnetic ensures your users will know what resources are available to them, and find the specific resource they are looking for, every single time.

Glassnetic Visual Search


Glassnetic allows your users to search and browse for documents, resources or workflows within a visual context that is tailored to your organization and data.

The experience is akin to geographic apps that allow us to find restaurants, offices or real estate within the visual context of a map.


How It Works

Get started with as little as a spreadsheet.



Glassnetic Visual Search works with data sets of nearly any level of size and complexity.  Connect to any data source including spreadsheets, databases, APIs or Microsoft Sharepoint.



Allow your users to search and browse within a visual context from your own custom designs such as Powerpoint slides, org charts, business process flowcharts or schemas. 

Alternatively, utilize the Glassnetic data mapping engine which organizes your data visually using algorithms for optimal layouts.


Integrations & Workflow

Easily incorporate Glassnetic Visual Search into your existing infrastructure and user workflow.


Learn How Visual Search Can Help Your Organization